• The following lists the general board policies and the Alphabetical Designation for each category.  The actual policies are on the next page.

  •   A-School District Organization
    AA School District Legal Status
    ABCD Qualifications of Board Members
    AC Nondiscrimination/Accessibility
    ACF Sexual Harassment
      B-School Board Operations
    BA Goals and Objectives
    BAB School Board Authority
    BB School Board Legal Status
    BBA School Board Powers and Duties
    BBB School Board Elections
    BBBC Board Member Resignation/Removal from Office
    BBBE Unexpired Term/Vacancy
    BBBE-P Unexpired Term Fulfillment
    BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest
    BCA Ethics
    BCB Board Officers
    BDD Board Superintendent Relationship
    BE School Board Meetings
    BEC Executive Session
    BEDG Minutes
    BEDH Public Participation in Board Meeting
    BGA Policy Development
    BGE Policy Disseminiation
    BIA New Member Orientation
    BID Compensation
      C-General School Administration
    CBC Superintendent Job Description
    CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
    CCB Line and Staff Relations
    CFA School Building Administration
    CGB Vacations  -  Twelve Month Administration
    CH Policy Implementation
    CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives
    CHD Administration in Policy Absence
      D-Fiscal Management
    DB Annual Budget
    DBC Budget Deadlines and Schedules
    DFA Revenues from Investments
    DFK Endowment Fund
    DGD Credit Card Usage
    DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
    DID Inventory
    DIE Audit
    DJA Purchasing
    DKC Incidental Accounts
    DLB Tax Sheltered Annuities
      E-Support Services
    EBC Emergency Plans
    EBCE Emergency Closings
    EBCE-P Winter Storm Procedure
    EDB Protection and Care of School Property
    EEA Student Transportation Services
    EEAA Walkers and Riders
    EEAB Transportation  -  Special Education Students
    EEAC School Bus Scheduling and Routing
    EEAE School Bus Safety Program
    EEAEA Bus Driver Requirements, Training & Responsibility
    EEAEA-P Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Driver
    EEAEC Student Conduct on School Buses
    EEAFA Extracurricular Activity Bus/Field Trips -
    Special Events Transportation
    EEAF Activity Bus Scheduling
    EEB Non-School Group Transportation
    EF Food Management
    EFC School Wellness Policy
    EIC Group Health and Dental Insurance Coverage
    EICA Reimbursable Spending Account Flex 125
      F-Facilities Development
    FB Facilities Planning
    FEE Site Acquisition Procedure
    FF Naming
    FFA Memorials
    GAA Evaluation Policy and Procedures
    GAEB Grievance Policy  -  Non-Certified Staff
    GBCD Staff Discipline and Disclosure
    GBEA Staff Conflict of Interest
    GBEBC Internal Controls and Fiscal Code of Ethics
    GBEC Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Employees
    GBED Tobacco Free District
    GBG Employee Criminal Background Check Policy
    GBG-A Appendix A  - Certification of Submission of Fingerprints
    GBGA Health Examinations
    GBGC Employee Assistance Program
    GBGC-P Administrative Procedure "Employee Assistant Program"
    GBJA Confidentiality Policy
    GBRJ Substitute Teachers
    GCAA General Qualifications
    GCB Certification
    GCC Personnel Seeking and Holding Public Office
    GCCAA Benefits and Leave From Work  -  Employees Not
    Covered Under the Master Contract, Classified Contract,
    or Classified Handbook
    GCCB Benefits and Leave From Work  -  Administrators
    GCCAE Travel Expense
    GCF Professional Staff Hiring
    GCGC Job Sharing in Teaching Positions
    GCGC-A Job Share Proposal
    GCLA Instructional Staff School Day
    GSO Code of Ethics for the Teaching Professions
      Non-Certified Staff
    GBGD Worker's Compensation
    GBGD-A Personal Injury Form
    IGBG Homebound Instruction
    IGF Curriculum Review
    IHAMA Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
    IHBD Parent Involvement in Title I
    IHBH Participation of Alternative Instruction Students
    IHBH-A SDHSAA Eligibility Checklist for Alternative Instruction Students
    IHCA Summer School
    IHCDA Post Secondary Options/Concurrent Enrollment
    IHHB Teacher Assistant Team
    IIB Elementary School Class Size
    IIBH Online Education
    IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption
    IJL-A Procedure for Reconsideration of Library Materials
    IJNDC Technology Acceptable Use Policy
    IKA Grading
    IKE Promotion and Retention of Students
    IKF Graduation Requirements/Early Graduation
    JB Equal Educational Opportunities
    JC School Attendance Areas
    JCA Attendance Boundaries
    JDD Discipline Guidelines
    JDDA Standards for Supervision
    JE Attendance
    JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages
    JEB Entrance Age
    JEC School Admissions
    JFAA Admission of Resident Students
    JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students
    JFABA Tuition
    JFABB Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students
    JG Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels from
    Non-Accredited Schools
    JHB Truancy
    JICI Dangerous Weapons
    JICK Bullying
    JIH Interrogations and Searches
    JII Student Grievance Policy
    JII-A Student Grievance Form
    JJ Extracurricular Activities/Practices  -  Inclement Weather
    JJE Student Fundraising Activities
    JJF Student Activities Fund
    JJIC Standards for Participation
    JJIC-A Participation Letter
    JKAB Using School as an Advertising Medium
    JLCB Immunization of Students
    JLCC Communicable Disease Policy
    JLCD Administering Medicines to Students
    JLCF Program and Assignment of School Nurses
    JLG Homeless Students
    JLIB Student Dismissal Precautions
    JRA Student Records
      K-General Public Relations
    KBA Relations with Parents

    School Community Relations Goal

    KCAA Golden Age/Senior Activity Pass
    KCB Community Involvement in Decision-Making
    KDDA Press Releases
    KE Citizen Concerns
    KEA Citizen Concerns About Federal Program
    KEC Publoic Concern About Instructional Resource
    KFA Public Conduct on School Property
    KFB Community Use of School Facilities
    KFB-A Community Use of Facilities Group Definitions
    KFB-B Facility Rental/Usage Charges
    KGA Arrow Education Foundation
    KHA Public Solicitations in School
    KHE Political Solicitations in School
    KNDA Copyright