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    Laura Morrow
    Laura Morrow 
    Jefferson Elementary School
    1701 N. Maple
    Watertown, SD 57201
    Phone: 605-882-6390



    Jefferson Elementary was built in 1996 and is home to approximately 385 students grades K-4. Jefferson Elementary focuses on excellence and pride. All students are welcomed and challenged. The Jefferson Elementary Staff provides or students with the best education possible. We are committed to the mission of the district, "enabling all students to succeed in an ever-changing world." Jefferson Elementary has high academic achievement, strong extracurricular programs, and a strong Parent/Teacher Organization. Community support is incredible. Parents are encouraged to become involved in Jefferson Elementary School. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) offers many opportunities for volunteer services. You may also volunteer in your child's classroom. Technology plays an integral part of instruction. We are continually increasing the use of technology at all grade levels. Technology is important for our students to understand in order to succeed in the world of work and post-secondary education. Social skill training and positive behavior management are stressed in classrooms. Social skills are taught and practiced on a daily basis. All staff members have been trained how to teach and reinforce acceptable social skills. Thank you for visiting our school's website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our building or the services we offer at Jefferson Elementary. Again, welcome to our school!



  • Jefferson Beliefs

    ***Education is a partnership between home and school. As parents and educators work together, we will see each of our students reach and attain the following beliefs.

    We believe all students:
    • can learn and succeed.
    • should feel safe, accepted and respected at school.
    • are able to develop and utilize positive social skills.
    • need positive role models.
    • need clear expectations, challenges, and structure.
    • need to have ownership in their learning and accountability for their actions.
    • are influenced by home, peers, teachers and the world around them.
    • are unique with different needs and strengths.
    • perceive "success" differently.
    We believe all staff members:
    • will have knowledge of curriculum, state standards, district expectations, and current research.
    • will have a positive impact on the whole child (academic, emotional, behavioral, social).
    • will create a supportive, encouraging, and positive environment (nurturing, trusting, safe and
    • will foster a love/passion for learning.
    • will give students an opportunity to read independently from books of own choosing, interest,
    and ability level.
    • have multiple talents and abilities.
    • will meet students' needs through a variety of instructional methods and styles.
    • are positive role models for students.
    • have the responsibility to communicate with parents and staff.
    • will make learning authentic to fit our changing world.
    • will cooperate effectively with staff, students, parents and community.
    • will challenge students to reach their highest potential.
    We believe all parents and community members:
    • need to have a positive and supportive partnership with staff.
    • will actively support student learning outside the school day.
    • will help to make education a high priority.
    • want all students to be treated with respect.
    • need to help protect our children.
    • have a right to have a voice, be involved and informed.
    • should feel welcome in our school.
    • are a valued resource.
    • are role models.

    Developed and written July 27, 2007
    Revised August 11, 2008