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  • Dr. Susan Patrick


    Our school is a warm, exciting and caring school where students enjoy learning. We are proud of this and also want students and parents to feel this pride! Our major purpose is to give children a strong foundation in the basic subjects along with nurturing their special interests and talents in a caring and safe atmosphere.

    As your children's primary teacher, you are very important to the success of their education experience. Because we share a common good, the education of youth, it is important that we support one another's efforts on behalf of your students. We truly see you as partners with us and encourage your involvement, communication, and presence at Lincoln Elementary School.

    I am looking forward to welcoming you to our school and getting to know all of you.

    Dr. Susan Patrick, Principal 

Lincoln's Belief Statements


    1. The primary goal of our school is to prepare students for life by providing a foundation in academic skills.

    2. Building positive relationships among students, families, and staff will create an environment where all feel safe and valued.

    3. Learners benefit from high expectations for academic and social success.

    4. Instruction designed to meet a variety of learning styles enables all students to succeed.

    5. Education is a shared responsibility (parents, staff, students, and community) that influences students' relationships and achievements.

Watertown School District Goals

  • 1. All students will graduate from High School (on time) and be post-secondary prepared.

     2. The Watertown School District will achieve academic excellence via the enhancement of curricular, co-curricular, & extra curricular offerings.

     3. All teaching staff will be highly trained to utilize research-based methodologies, and continue to integrate technology to maximize student achievement an success.

     4. Through meeting the needs of learners and supporting our staff, the Watertown School district will offer the best teaching and learning opportunities in South Dakota.

     5. The Watertown School District will maintain financial viability.

Home of the Leopards


    1100 13th St. NE
    Watertown, SD 57201
    fax:  605-882-6365