All-State Chorus

All-State Chorus provides an opportunity for students to sing with 900 of the best voices in South Dakota as well as the opportunity to work with some of the best directors in the country. Students participating in All-State Chorus are selected by audition and placed in quartets. Students participating in All-State Chorus must be registered in a high school chorus class. Because of its size, Watertown is now fortunate to be allowed up to 20 students participating in this event. All-State Chorus is held annually the first weekend in November, rotating between Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and Watertown.

Advisor: Burdell Gauger

Honors Choir
Honors Choirs are designed to provide exceptional choral students with an opportunity to sing in smaller, more select choirs. Presently, there are two that are available:

SD HONORS CHOIR: Students, who are currently sophomores or juniors, enrolled in an academic chorus may audition in the spring of the year for this prestigious choir. Each year, approximately 700 students audition and only 150 are selected. If selected, the students will spend one week on a SD College campus preparing for a finale concert consisting of fun, unique and challenging music. It is a great opportunity to sing with the "best of the best" in South Dakota and to work with some of the finest choral directors in the country. Many lasting friendships are developed during this greatweek.

JUNIOR HONORS CHOIR: This select choir was designed to challenge students in grades 7-9. The first choir was organized in the fall of 1992. Approximately 700 students auditioned and 90 were selected to be part of the choir (one student was from WHS). The format for this event consists of learning all of the music in advance (six memorized pieces), spending one and a half days in rehearsal and presenting a Saturday afternoon concert in the Capitol Rotunda in Pierre.

Advisor: Burdell Gauger

Show Choir/Vocal Jazz

Show Choir/Vocal Jazz is the "umbrella" title given to the pop vocal performance groups at WHS. "Top 40", Broadway and some Jazz literature combined with staged choreography are the focuses of these groups. Once a "show" is put together, the groups are scheduled for performances in school concerts and for community functions. The groups will also be entered in region and state competitions. Rehearsal schedules are set in the fall to fit each group’s particular needs (approximately 2 hours each week). Students participating in the show choirs must do a singing/simple dance audition and also be registered in one of the academic choruses. The current groups are:

SPECTRUM: Mixed vocal ensemble of 12-16 students. This group is developing a reputation for its quality vocal performance and entertainment value. They are frequently asked to perform for community clubs/functions.

ARROW EXPRESS: A new ensemble added to accommodate the growing interest in show choir. This group consists of approximately 18 students (grades 9-12) performing music from the 20’s to the 80’s.

Advisor: Burdell Gauger