Several opportunities exist for parents to play an active role in their child's education and school experience. If you would like to help, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact the high school principal's office located at 200 9th St NE or give us call at 882-6316. Thank you!

Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee meets on the last Monday of each month. Please contact the principal's office for the meeting place and time.

Substitute Teachers

Please contact the principal's office if you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher at WHS.

Band Booster Club

Please contact Mrs. Jackie Stacey, band director, if you would like to join the Band Booster Club.

Dance Chaperones

If you would like to help chaperone a high school dance, please contact the high school principal's office.

MyCampus Parent Portal

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the technological resources available at Watertown High School. It is possible for parents to view student assignments, grades, schedules, attendance, discipline, transcripts and reports cards on-line for each student enrolled in the district. Simply click the MyCampus link here to access an application form and send it to the principal's office to begin your account today.

Change of Address or Contact Information

If you have moved, changed telephone or e-mail contact information, please send the new information to our registrar, Lisa Ulrich.

Concerns for Federal Policy

The Watertown School District is determined to provide all constituents with the ability to voice concerns dealing with the Federal programs and has a policy in place for those concerns to be voiced. Click on the Concerns for Federal Policy above to see that policy.