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March 10, 2020 LetterMeal Order
March 19, 2020 LetterCOVID-19 Parent Letter from Special Services
April 3, 2020 Letter

Internet Sources

Comcast - WiFi Network Nationally for Free https://corporate.comcast.com/covid-19.

T-Mobile - Public WiFi hotspots open for any American who needs them https://www.t-mobile.com/brand/ongoing-updates-covid-19#customers.

AT&T - Unlimited smartphone data for the next 60 days (excluding roaming). No action required. https://about.att.com/pages/COVID-19.html.

Spectrum Cable - is offering Internet free of charge to students whose families do not have Internet. You can call them at 1-844-488-8398 to find out whether the student's home is in their service area.

Lifeline Program - To see if you qualify for free or discounted Internet through the Lifeline Program, go to this link:  https://nationalverifier.service-now.com/lifeline.


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