Structured Learning Center

The Watertown School District recently started a program for students in Kindergarten through fourth grade who required instensified supports. The structured learning center or SLC is located at Mellette Elementary School. Students are identified for this program by their school team as needing a more restrictive setting to make progress on their individualized education plan goals. In this program our instructors and therapists have been trained in the TEACCHing principles. Their training has provided them with a theoretical foundation for hands-on learning and opportunities with their students that helps them to assess and teach students at an individual level in a demonstration classroom setting. Our team believes that if we can gain a better understanding of learning styles of the students we work with, we can then use teaching strategies to enhance their learning strengths. Areas of academics include literacy and numeracy, communication, independence, social and leisure, vocational, and relaxations and coping strategies. For more information on this program please contact Mr. Decker at 882-6385 for grades K-4, Mrs. Bollinger at 882-6395 for the Watertown Intermediate School grades 5-6, Dr. Brist at 882-6370 for the Watertown Middle School grades 7-8, and Dr. Butts at 882-6316 for the Watertown High School grades 9-12. (For Info on TEACCH visit https://teacch.com/about-us/)

TEACCH classroom

SLC Individual Student Work-Task Station