The Public School
"The public school is the people's school. It responds to the people's will. More than any other American Institution, it has been shaped directly by the tireless efforts of the people.

The free public school is an integral part of the structure of popular government. It is as essential to the preservation of the American way of life as the organic documents in which the framework of the Republic is outlined and by which the freedom of the people are guaranteed. The public school began as one of the first ideals of a free world. It continues as the bulwark of a free society.

The home was the first school. Parents were the first teachers. They will always be teachers. No public school operates effectively very long without a high level of parental understanding, interest and participation.

The public school is free. Its doors are open to all of the children of all the people regardless of wealth, birth, or social background. It began, and continues, a basic ideal in a free world.

The public school is the unifying force in America. It makes our people one. No other institution touches the life of every citizen. The public school binds us together in common ideals and purposes. It symbolizes the motto of the United States, 'Out of Many, One'.

The boundless confidence and idealism of the children and young people in our public schools--their faith in freedom and justice--are the hope of the future."