Ages 18-21 Transition Program

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Bobbi Jo Soupir, 18-21 Transition Instructor/Coordinator
Phone: 882-6398 | Fax: 882-5034

Welcome to the Watertown School District's Transition Campus. The Transition Campus provides day program services to our students with a focus on community participation, recreation and leisure activities, post-secondary education, employment and training, and daily living skills. Upon visiting our campus you are bound to be impressed with our kitchen area where students plan and prepare their own meals for breakfast, snack and lunch. Students learn about healthy lifestyle choices both with the meals they eat and prepare, and with physical fitness. Students work out in their own recreation room with equipment donated from the community. Four times a week, the students attend the Prairie Lakes Wellness Center where they learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by accessing this community resource.

Students at the Transition Campus also have a small library where they can access books for leisure reading. Our students learn to maintain and clean the campus apartment, equipped with all of the regular apartment amenities such as a dining room area, living room, and small bedroom. The students take great pride in their campus and help to maintain their school, much like they would their own apartment or home. Life skills involving math skills, reading, and writing become a focus as it is integrated into daily activities driven to create independence and individualized growth with transition goals.